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A Cup of Joe + Free WiFi = Cheap Date with Laptop

A cup of coffee is pretty cheap no matter where you go…couple that with some free WiFi and you and your laptop have a date. Any wireless enabled laptop should be able to pick up the free WiFi offered in many DC area coffee joints.

Here, I’ll name a few tried and true and a couple to avoid if you want free WiFi.
Grab a cuppa Joe in the D.C. area, coupled with some free Wi-Fi

  • Java Shack, Arlington, Va.
  • Murky Coffee, Arlington, Va. & Capitol Hill, D.C.
  • Tryst, Adam’s Morgan, D.C. (great food too!)
  • Panera Bread, Arlington, Va., Falls Church, Va., Bailey’s Crossroads, Va. & Chevy Chase, Md.
  • Soho Tea and Coffee, Dupont Circle, D.C. – Read the Georgetown Independent editorial on Soho


  • Starbucks, many locations (you pay $5/hr through T-Mobile for WiFi)
  • Cosi, many locations (charge for WiFi, but do offer good, cheap sandwiches)
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