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Spend Less on Dry Cleaning, More on Self

After getting an office job I realized there was this little thing called business casual attire that could possibly ruin my life if I let it. In a flash, I understood why my mother had stressed so much about the dry cleaner, often only picking out clothing that was machine washable and thus, forcing me to do the same. All of the appreciation I owed her filled me completely with guilt for she had slaved away while I lived at home ironing my shirts so they were crisp and nice. I was determined to find a less abrasive solution than having to do the thing I hate most in this world: iron. At first, I was also very poor.

Dry cleaning can add up. Through an acquaintance, I learned of ZIPS Dry Cleaners, a formidable force in the D.C. area. For just more than $1, you can get your button-downs laundered and pressed, just like mom used to do.

I realized after a while that ZIPS was best for my blouses and business casual pants, maybe a jacket here and there. They also do alterations though I’ve never used their services myself.