Need a Haircut? Where to Go for a Split End Mend

Those with high maintenence hair needs might find themselves extremely dissapointed after moving to D.C. It’s impossible to find a half-decent salon around here than can cut and color hair for less than $150. Now you can keep your mental health in tact, rest assured there is one place in the D.C. area that’s both good and cheap.

Haircuts for $30? Partial color for $60? This has got to be a joke. No, it’s Bang Salon and Spa in D.C.’s cool U Street neighborhood.

My friend with the thickest, longest red hair I’ve ever seen loves Bang. I fully trust her opinion considering her hair must be a precious commodity to love and protect. I’ve had varied and more expensive experiences in D.C. but I fully intend on trying Bang the next time I need a ‘do. Circe Day Spa in Alexandria, Va. is an excellent, but like I said, pricey option too.

Read some reviews of Bang Salon in the Washington Post.


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