Ben’s Chili Bowl Pops More Flavor for Less

Ben’s Chili Bowl is a D.C. landmark. It took living here for more than a year before one of my new D.C. companions dragged me to Ben’s and though I’ve not been back since, it’s only because my bad sense of direction leaves me afraid to venture into parts of the city unknown.

The food is great American fare: burgers, fries, hot dogs, etc. but something about it is so authentic it tastes better. Sit at the stools and watch as the animated cooks prepare your cheap eats; they even cook veggie burgers on a separate grill!

Ben’s famous Chili dogs can be had for less than $4, turkey burgers for less than $5 and beef burgers and dogs are just a bit more. Once again, this is one of the few joints in D.C. that offers sweet tea.

Take a look at their menu.


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