Ski For Less When You Don’t Sleep Over

If you’re into skiing, tubing or snowboarding, this winter, check out Liberty Mountain Resort in Carroll Valley, Pa. It’s only about 1.5 hours from D.C. so it’s great for a day trip, allowing you the joy of the slopes minus the cost of lodging.

A 4-hour bout of hitting the slopes with your own gear costs about $37-46 for a lift pass, depending on the day of the week. Ski rentals for the same time period will cost $31; Snowboard rental, $35.

One thing I’ve learned after embarking on the “snowboarding is my new hobby” as of late, is that by playing it right, one can buy an entire snowboarding set-up and have it pay for itself after 10 4-hour visits to a resort like Liberty.

Visting the extremely helpful and snowboarding dumby-friendly staff at Ski Chalet in Arlington last year was the first in realizing how to go about winter sports equipment in a financially feasible manner. Every year, sometime in September, the Ski Chalet hosts its annual Dilly in Chantilly. The sales are really unbelievable, staff exceptional and lines plentiful. Get there as early as possible to avoid the rush.


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