Delicious, Cheap and Great When Inebriated

Let’s keep it real: when and if you overdo the drinking a bit, a good, fatty meal at 3 a.m. really, really helps fend off the hangover the next day. Plus, when alcohol is in my bloodstream, my daily internal reminders like “eat a salad instead,” “it’s not neccessary to have chips and a 6-inch from Subway” much less the “remember to dab the excess grease off of your pizza slice before consuming” shut off.

D.C. Cafe, in Dupont Circle, is one of those places to get some great “after hours” food. When you’re in the area and in the mood to break diet rules give it a whirl. I can attest that the cheese fries, hommus sandwiches and vegetarian sampler platter are good and affordable. To take advantage of the penny pinching, drink water (you’ll need it anyhow) and stick with a sandwich; they’re huge and will set you back less than $7.

D.C. Cafe
2035 P Street N.W.
Washigton, D.C. 20036


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