Get Outta Town: Harper’s Ferry, W.V.

Harper’s Ferry, W.V. makes for a short, affordable day trip from the D.C. area. I consider it best in the fall (colorful leaves, mild weather) or summer (outdoor fun) but any time of year, cheap fun can be had in Harper’s Ferry.

Two less expensive things I’ve done in Harper’s Ferry that I’d do again: Took a free, walking, self-guided tour of the historic downtown area and the Harper’s Ferry National Historic Park and tubed my way down the Shenandoah River with a group of friends!

The walking tour of the HFNHP was great exercise to say the least. Bring your walking shoes for a 5-mile “learning hike” about the Civil War and John Brown’s Raid.

Harper’s Ferry is about 1.5 hours from D.C. Look at the Mapquest directions from D.C. to Harper’s Ferry.


One response to “Get Outta Town: Harper’s Ferry, W.V.

  1. Try the Yellow Brick Bank for lunch. A sit down, charming meal here is just about $10. There’s an ice cream shop around the corner, too (one street lowel). Can’t remember the name, but it’s probably something clever like “Harper’s Ferry Ice Cream”. Oh – and the river people who provide you the tubes and rafts will also rent you bikes and take you to the tow path in the park if you don’t want to haul your own out there. It’s about $25 for the day. AND, if you tube or raft one day and bike the next they will cut you a deal.

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