A Cup of Joe + Free WiFi = Cheap Date with Laptop

A cup of coffee is pretty cheap no matter where you go…couple that with some free WiFi and you and your laptop have a date. Any wireless enabled laptop should be able to pick up the free WiFi offered in many DC area coffee joints.

Here, I’ll name a few tried and true and a couple to avoid if you want free WiFi.
Grab a cuppa Joe in the D.C. area, coupled with some free Wi-Fi

  • Java Shack, Arlington, Va.
  • Murky Coffee, Arlington, Va. & Capitol Hill, D.C.
  • Tryst, Adam’s Morgan, D.C. (great food too!)
  • Panera Bread, Arlington, Va., Falls Church, Va., Bailey’s Crossroads, Va. & Chevy Chase, Md.
  • Soho Tea and Coffee, Dupont Circle, D.C. – Read the Georgetown Independent editorial on Soho


  • Starbucks, many locations (you pay $5/hr through T-Mobile for WiFi)
  • Cosi, many locations (charge for WiFi, but do offer good, cheap sandwiches)
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    2 responses to “A Cup of Joe + Free WiFi = Cheap Date with Laptop

    1. Last time I checked, Rappahannoc Coffee House (Columbia Pike) in Arlington has free Wifi and fresh bread and pastries. And good coffee.

    2. I can second Rappahannoc, and I’m so glad you knew the name of it! I live in the area, and can never remember what it is called. But the people are great there, the wi-fi is free, the coffee is good, and the soy milk at no extra charge. Even if they charged extra for the soy, it would still be the cheapest espresso drinks I’ve run into in years.

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