Cheap Eats: Courthouse “Bagel Nazis”

For anybody who loves that famous Seinfeld episode about the “soup nazi,” have no fear, there is an equivalent in Clarendon, Va.

Check out the Brooklyn Bagel Bakery, on Wilson Blvd., about a block from the Courthouse Metro, for excellent coffee and a bagel with egg and cheese for less than $5. This place is sure to please your palette in the early morning. Though the bakery is only open during daytime hours, it’s a great stop for a reasonable breakfast.

The “soup nazi” connection becomes apparent upon entering the premises; Seeing is believing. A few pointers on avoiding the angst of the bagel geniuses:

  • Cash only; ATM on site
  • Know what you want to order before you stand in front of the fine bagel purveyors
  • Order your bagel with cheese and cream cheese if you’re doing egg, etc.
  • Brooklyn Bagel Bakery
    2055 Wilson Blvd
    Arlington, VA 22201-3006
    (703) 243-4442


    3 responses to “Cheap Eats: Courthouse “Bagel Nazis”

    1. Great call on the Brooklyn Bagel. I am a HUGE fan. Nothing like a good bacon egg and cheese on whole wheat. Mmmmmm.

    2. Hmmm … I’ve never been a big fan of that place, though darling boyfriend seems to think it’s pretty good. My favorite place to grab a cheap breakfast in Arlington is Bob and Edith’s. However, your arteries will not permit you to eat there too often!

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