D.C. Cabbies

Cab drivers in D.C. tend to be a little unpredictable. Driving around in D.C. traffic a few times should clue you in on their sometimes slightly aggressive demeanor on the road.

There are smart ways to handle getting a cab ride home. Living in Arlington for the past two years, I’ve often taken cab rides in and out of the city, a mere four miles from my house, and ended up with an empty wallet.

D.C. operates under a “zone” system when it comes to cabs. Though this may or may not change soon, it can sometimes be confusing, especially when one first moves to the area. Read more about the possible change regarding zoning for cabs in a November 9 in “The GW Hatchet.”

Though taking a cab in D.C. will set you back regardless, there are a few pointers to keep in mind.

  • Going from Northern Virginia or Maryland into the city (or visa versa) will cost you more than taking short cab rides to the Metro
  • Establishing a cost structure with a cab driver before getting on your way is the best solution for avoiding surprises later
  • Always take a cab with a working meter
  • Have cash on hand; D.C. cabbies for the most part, don’t take credit cards

    Until the cabs change officially from zones to meters, learn more about the present system.I’ve had good luck with Arlington Red Top Cab. You can make reservations online and check out rates online. Learn more about Arlington Red Top Cab.

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